IV BGI Biannual Conference 2009 - Paris, France

The Fourth Bi-Annual Conference organised by Balms Group International, the first international network of British-Spanish origin, took place in Paris between 26th and 29th November 2009 at the offices of AVENS LEHMAN & ASSOCIÉS.

Date 06/12/2009

On 27th November the conference participants began their working agenda, which included the following points of business:

An analysis of the Group's internal accounts, which featured a comparative review of estimated costs and income and real costs and income. The participants then briefly reviewed the referred cases that took place during the year 2009 and the income that these cases generated for the firms involved and for BGI.

Issue Nº 13 of BGI News ? Special Edition was then presented, which not only included news of interest for our clients regarding both legal and social matters, but also presented a special section devoted to Bankruptcy Law, this being a theme of considerable topical interest. All of BGI's member firms contributed an article regarding this matter, tackling the question from the legal standpoint in each of the corresponding countries.

Finally, a debate took place regarding the questionnaire that the President of BGI had sent to all of the member firms regarding matters of concern to the organisation that may help to improve the way BGI functions and facilitate the organisation's expansion.

The debate was interesting and intense and a number of important decisions were taken that would significantly affect the future of BGI.

The entire team at Avens Lehman & Associés demonstrated its considerable gift for hosting events of this kind, opening up its offices to all of the other members of BGI and offering them all a welcome cocktail on the evening of 26th November in order inaugurate the Conference. The cocktail event took place in a warm and family-based atmosphere, offering the participants an opportunity to sample some of the great wines and other delicacies of the country.

Over the days that followed, our hosts delighted us with a dinner accompanied by live opera music on the banks of the Seine. Finally, in order to round off the Conference entertainments, Mr. Fabrice de Korodi Katona, a member of Avens Lehman & Associés, and his wife, Ms. Veronique, welcomed all the conference participants to their home in order to enjoy an intimate evening accompanied by live music.

This event concluded the Fourth BGI Bi-Annual Conference.

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