First quarterly conference of the 2012 of ALBRAE

ALBRAE, Alianza Brasileira de Advocacia Empresarial, held in the past 7, 8 and 9 March its first quarterly congress in 2012. ALBRAE was founded two years ago, in November 2009 and has 22 partners and offices around the country. Its president, Dr. Cid Marconi, noticed that more and more offices were opening subsidiaries in Fortaleza and it was becoming harder to compete with theses offices without expansion. That was when he saw the opportunity to expand his business without investing in staff and structure and to offer their customers a national legal support, creating a network of national offices.

Date 10/03/2012

He went and visited offices around the country during a whole year. His intention was to find law firms of medium size, in which direct contact with the customer continued to be a priority and had innovators and entrepreneurs lawyers and businessmen. ALBRAE currently has 300 lawyers in all Brazilian regions, providing advice to a clientele of about 1,500.

Since its founding, ALBRAE helds quarterly congresses where the methods of internal organization and action strategies are analyzed in order to maintain the service and to establish a new way to practice law in Brazil. The joint work between the existing offices is essential. ALBRAE, by the fact of having partners throughout the country, improves the level of care to its clients and also, all the lawyers have the opportunity to discuss, analyze and study topics of interest by sharing procedures, which contributes to a better quality of service.
Internationally, as being ALBRAE a member of BGI, provides advice to its clients on international legislative legal matters through the BGI partners, while providing legal advice to foreign clients that come through the intermediary of the partners of Balms Group International. Besides president of ALBRAE, Dr. Cid Marconi, is vice-president of Balms Group International.

Albrae Conference

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