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The Neumayer, Walter & Haslinger Law Partnership was founded in 1997 by MMag. Dr. Johannes Neumayer (who has worked as a lawyer in Vienna since 1987) and by Mag. Ulrich Walter (who was a trainee lawyer in the same firm and qualified in 1993). Mag. Dr. Wolfgang Haslinger, LL.M. (has worked for the firm since 2004 and became a partner in 2007). These three free-thinkers are united by their passion for handling challenging legal issues and their desire to offer the best solutions for their clients.

This partnership of experts, specialising in different areas of Commercial Law, enables Neumayer, Walter & Haslinger to offer professional legal services in a wide variety of specialised fields. Absolute dedication, along with personal commitment to their clients, has paved the way to success and allowed the team to grow, both in terms of legal expertise and as a successful enterprise. In this respect, this law firm constitutes a highly competent and dynamic team, one that is well prepared for rapid economic growth and the challenges that the future may bring.

Neumayer, Walter & Haslinger is a co-founding member of Balms Group International, BGI. Through this association, the firm can offer the best possible legal support, even beyond the borders of Austria, granting clients access to the counsel of an almost worldwide network of law firms. Regular, personal contact among the associated law firms that make up the network ensures that clients are supported with the same level of commitment from other members of BGI as provided by Neumayer, Walter & Haslinger.

Offering high-quality legal support to clients is of prime importance to Neumayer, Walter & Haslinger. In order to achieve this goal, the firm has access to a comprehensive legal research library, augmented by modern computer resources and a carefully selected supporting network of external consultants and tax experts.

The main aim of our actions is to develop our skills and expertise further, ensuring that clients receive the best support possible from associated firms, and always giving our clients the clearest picture of the way matters are being handled on their behalf, based on a strict policy of transparency. This is what Neumayer, Walter & Haslinger stands for.

Areas of expertise
  • Business Law/International Trade Law
  • Taxation/International double taxation
  • Company Law
  • Competition Law, copyrights, trademarks, etc.
  • Intellectual property
  • Media Law
  • Cross-border company direction and finance
  • Financial and banking matters
  • Company foundation
  • Construction Law
  • Agents Law
  • Joint ventures and take-overs in Eastern countries
  • Seminars in Media Law, Intellectual Protection Law, Label Laws and reputation
  • Protection for companies and managers
  • Real estate transactions
  • Public permissions
  • Labour Law and foreign employee matters
  • Corporate Law
  • Branch offices in foreign enterprises
  • Trade Law
  • Civil Law
  • Administrative Law/framework of economical regulations
  • Zoning Law
  • Criminal Law in economic offences
  • Town and rural planning
Our team
MMag. Dr. Johannes Neumayer

MMag. Dr. Johannes Neumayer

1966-1978: Primary and Secondary Education in Vienna. 1978-1982: Law Graduate from the University of Vienna. Doctorate (Dr. Iruis). 1979-1983: Graduate in Business Science from the University of Vienna. Mag. rer. soc. oec. (Magíster/Magistra rerum socialium oeconomicarumque). 1985: Bar Exam. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE 1979-1983: Assistant in Appeals from the Fiscal and Auditory Services of Vienna. 1984-1986: Associate. From 1987: Lawyer in Vienna. 1997-2007: Partner of the Firm Neumayer & Walter Rechtsanwälte Partnerschaft. From 2007: Partner of the Firm Neumayer & Walter Rechtsanwälte Partnerschaft. Languages: German, English and French.

Mag. Ulrich Walter

Mag. Ulrich Walter

1973-1986: Primary school and high school in Vienna. 1986-1991: Studied law at the University of Vienna. 1991-1993: court year and military service. 1995 Bar Exam. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: 1993-1997: Associate. Since 1997 Partner of the firm Neumayer & Walter Legal Partnership. Since 2007 Partner of the firm Neumayer, Walter & HaslingerLegal Partnership. LANGUAGES: German and English.

Mag. Dr. Wolfgang Haslinger, LL.M.

Mag. Dr. Wolfgang Haslinger, LL.M.

1983-1995: Primary school and high school in Vienna. 1995-2000: Diploma in Legal Studies at the University of Vienna. 2001-2002: University Course in Information Law and Legal Information (LL.M.) www.informationsrecht.at. 2003-2004: Doctorate in Law, PhD thesis: “Competitive Evaluation of search engines on the WWW”. 2007 Bar Exam. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: 1995-1998: Freelancer of a market and opinion research institute. 1998-2002: Freelance and solicitor a Vienna law firm. 2001-2002: Federal Ministry of Public Services and Sports, Section: public service, human resources. 2002-2004: court year and community service. 2004-2007: Associate at Neumayer & Walter. Since 2007 Partner of the firm Neumayer, Walter & Haslinger Legal Partnership. LANGUAGES: German, English and French.



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